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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Princess Alice Relief

Princess Alice Relief is a piece of Hogle Zoo Utah!
Let Hogle Zoo know we need to preserve this monument to Hogle Zoo's first Elephant. The building it's erected on is due to be torn down to make way for the new African Savanna. Contact Hogle Zoo on Face Book Or contact hoglezoo.org
Let them know to save what remains of Princess Alice.

The Following information is straight from the Hogle Zoo website....


The Zoo purchases “Princess Alice”, a 31 or 32 year-old Asian elephant named after Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter Alice. Penny and nickel donations from area schoolchildren raise $3250 for Princess Alice’s purchase from a traveling circus called the Sells-Floto Show Company.


The Zoo erects a building to house Princess Alice.


Princess Alice gives birth to “Prince Utah,” her fourth offspring, on April 29. Area newspapers herald the “blessed event.”


Prince Utah dies on March 14 due to injuries suffered when his mother, Princess Alice, rolls over on him. Area newspapers report the mother elephant’s tears and her mournful trumpeting.


On August 14, a stone relief carving of Princess Alice on the front of the “Main Building” is unveiled and dedicated. Local sculptor J.R. Fox donates the carving. Building materials are contributed by the Zoological Society and area businesses.


War rationing prompts the Zoo to grow vegetables, wheat, and oats to feed the animals. Acreage at Salt Lake City’s Jordan Park is also used to raise vegetables for the animals. The Zoo’s carnivores are fed horse meat.

Mid-December, it is reported that Princess Alice has a “stomach ache.” Within days, the much-loved elephant suffers from a “nervous infection” which leaves her partially blind. By the end of December, newspapers report that the elephant has completely recovered.


Princess Alice, at an approximate age of 69, becomes ill and must be, painlessly, “put to sleep.”

For more Hogle Zoo history please visit http://hoglezoo.org/about/zoo_history.

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