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Saturday, June 8, 2013


So we've all watched Ace of Cake, Cake Boss, and all those other  shows. Have you ever acted upon it?
Well, I've always thought it would be cool if I could do that. I kept telling myself, it can't be as hard as everyone says it is that has tried that I know.... I've seen quite a few catastrophes people have made. Don't get me wrong, they tried so hard, for the amount of time they were willing to put into it.
But in order to make a really good fondant decorated cake, you have to be willing to put in the time. And I do mean TIME. The more you do it the faster you get. But you still need to take your time. Allow yourself extra time on something you've never done before. If you're on a short deadline, and you've never done it, you're not going to have the results you want.
Alright, no more prattling, shall we look at those cakes?

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   This would be the latest addition to my cake conquest (8-11-2013). For a Friend, The Tardis!
The Tardis!

Cake for my Sister in Law July 2013

Rub A Dub Dub!
This gorgeous beauty was made 6-7-2013. It's for a baby shower for my niece. I had loads of advanced warning on this. And I actually worked on the flowers and little figures for 3 weeks (Basically had time to experiment and change what I didn't like), and just took time on all the little details for the cake.
Rub A Dub Dub!
Top View
Remember Me
This cake was made 6-7-2013. The day of days for me to be making cakes. June 7th is my younger brothers birthday. My Father died last September, so I felt he needed to be remembered. Kinda a lonely when no ones around to remember your birthday. Yellow Roses are for Remembrance, the Blue Rose is about mystery or attaining the impossible. My Brother is writing novels and is a struggling to get popular with his books

It's A Boy!
This cake I made for my other niece who wanted it for her baby shower. It would have cost 200$-300$ to have made.
I had a friend of mine come help me on this because of time constraints (She went to school for this and is surprised at my natural abilities). 

Monster Cake
My son saw a picture of a cake that looked about like this. A wiggly jello looking monster cake. This is what he wanted for his birthday in March 2013
Spongebob Cake
This was the ultimate cake for my son for years! This is the reason I wished to learn how to make Fondant Cakes. This is where I suffered from the reality of making gumpaste (The only thing about these cake that took a minute). A sitting up Spongebob isn't a easy task. This was the second cake like this I ever made.
Spongebob cake in different stages.
Ballerina Princess Cake
This was my actual first attempt at a Fondant Cake.
I made this for my neices birthday so I could take a trial run at it. Plus I knew her mom would give me REAL feedback on it. This Cake was difficult due to the fact that my son decided to sneak on up to the cooling cakes and start eating them. Ran out of cake and had to fill in the gaps with fondant. That was the feedback I got, too much fondant! LOL!
But, this cake was made such an impression, her dad had one made in Arizona when he took her out there to meet her Grandma.  I wouldn't want to pay for a cake like this. OUCH!
So now what?
Now, everyone else who sees them start saying "You know, my birthday (anniversary etc) is this month...." Your big hint from them.
My favorite thing in all this is when people feel they need to pose with your cake and think it's too pretty to cut. You know you did a good job at this point!