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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Gardner Village 2015 - Witch Fest

Another witch fest is upon up this year.  This year they've crossed what the kids love and the adults love.  The witch skits are back and the playground is up as well.  $6 per each child and adult was easy to pay with the skits and the playground. The interaction with the witches is well worth it for me as an adult and then the playground to wear out those kids.  The witches are more than happy to pose for photos with the kids.  The playfulness with the children was wonderful.  My son made a potion with a witch.  There was the witches beauty parlor and cooking at the grill.  Just before you leave you have to open various doors with the witches before you leave for the playground to see what you find in side.
Lucia & Ms Spells were our entertainment this trip.  Planning to go back with my son again.  It was delightful. 
A nice mix this year.  Hats of to Gardner Village this year! Or rather,  Hats on to the Witches!

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